Developer : Metadata

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The /metadata resource contains basic information about a Goodsie store.

Resource URI


Method Scope Required
GET storefront
PUT admin


Property Methods Description
canonical_url GET The canonical URL of the store. If no custom domains are set up, this is the Goodsie-hosted URL ( Otherwise, this is the primary custom domain for the store (
currency GET, PUT The ISO 4217 currency code used by the store
currency_symbol GET The currency symbol ($, ¥, , etc) used by the store
custom_domains GET A list of custom domains that point to the store. The primary domain will have the primary property set to true.
description GET, PUT The store's description
email GET The store owner's email address
is_active GET, PUT Setting this to false disables the store and owning user, but does not handle subscription payments in any way.
name GET, PUT The name of the store
private GET, PUT Whether the store is private (boolean)
subdomain GET, PUT The subdomain of where the store is located (eg, mystore for




curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ba125ac086" \
    "canonical_url": "", 
    "currency": "USD", 
    "currency_symbol": "$", 
    "custom_domains": [
            "domain": "", 
            "primary": true
    "description": "This is your new Goodsie Store.", 
    "name": "My Awesome Store", 
    "private": false, 
    "subdomain": "myawesomestore",
    "email": ""