Developer : Facebook pages

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The /facebook_pages resource contains information about Facebook Pages connected to the Goodsie store, organized by Facebook user.

Resource URI


Method Scope Required
GET admin

Facebook User Properties

Property Methods Description
name GET The name of the Facebook user
uid GET The user's Facebook UID
pages GET A list of pages to which the user has connected the Goodsie store. See Facebook Page Properties below

Facebook Page Properties

Property Methods Description
active GET Whether the Goodsie store has been added to the page (boolean)
category GET The page's category, supplied by Facebook
name GET The page's name
page_id GET The page's Facebook ID
tab_id GET The tab on which the Goodsie store is installed
url GET The URL of the page on Facebook




curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ba125ac086" \
        "name": "Hans Kuder",
        "pages": [
                "active": true,
                "category": "Software",
                "name": "Testpage",
                "page_id": "158872427536879",
                "tab_id": "app_203680309701604",
                "url": ""
        "uid": "2206051"