Developer : Introduction

Manage applications

The Goodsie JSON API allows other applications to access and manipulate resources associated with a Goodsie store over HTTP. The API is designed with the principles of REST in mind. Store resources such as products, orders, pages, and shipping and tax rates are exposed to the GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE HTTP methods.

URI and Resource Formats

In general, resource URIs are of the form


for a list of resources and


for the specific resource identified by id_or_key.

API results are returned as JSON objects:

To use JSONP, specify a callback parameter in the query string:

API Versions

The current API version is v1 and when new versions are released their version numbers will be different. This allows existing applications to continue using an older version of the API while developers who want newer features can use the latest version.

Getting Started

To get started, register your application with Goodsie to obtain client credentials. Then read about authentication in order to connect your application with a user's Goodsie store and make authenticated API requests. The documentation for each resource describes its location, its properties, and any available subresrouces.

Finally, please contact us with any questions about the API.